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With so many wheelchairs on the market with different features, it is difficult to select the right one.

We have shortlisted the best wheelchairs available on and reviewed them according to their types, features, and maintenance requirements. These reviewers also include features and specs from the caregivers’ perspective.

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First, we have the Nova Medical Products Wheelchair. This is a good, lightweight chair that is safe and ideal for transportation.

Moreover, it has a versatile design with 12-inch rear wheels for tackling all sorts of terrains. One of its best features is the Nova patented locking hand brakes that allow you to control the speed and deploy the brakes even on inclinations.

Not only that, but the chair comes with a swing-away footrest with heel loops that are adjustable so you can rest your feet easily. It also features fixed and fully padded armrests.

The Nova wheelchair comes with an adjustable seat belt and secondary locks for the wheels for added security.

Additionally, it can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds, has a foldable flattened design, and comes at a reasonable price.

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The Karman 29 Pounds Ergonomic Wheelchair is designed to fit your body’s natural curves so that you don’t develop additional spinal problems with constant use.

Not only that, but the design is patented in the US to reduce the risk of the development of pressure ulcers and scoliosis.

Additionally, the wheelchair has an ergonomically designed armrest that is padded and offers comfortable support for the elbows. It can also be adjusted according to your height and can be flipped back when not needed.

Moreover, it features removable and adjustable seats and cushions that are antibacterial. It also has an adjustable storage pocket fitted at the back.

Furthermore, it is fitted with standard quick-release wheels with ergonomically designed handrims for additional comfort, maneuverability, grip, and flexibility.

In addition to that, the footrests are swing-back type, and the wheelchair can carry a weight of 250 pounds.

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The Drive Medical Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair is fitted with 24-inch caster wheels which can easily glide over bumpy surfaces.

Moreover, it is fitted with dual-axle, removable flip-back armrests and swing-away footrests.

Not only that, but the durable and sturdy carbon steel frame allows room for custom back inserts and other accessories.

Additionally, the wheels have a convenient and easy push locking system and precision-sealed bearings for all four wheels.

Furthermore, the wheel chair can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds. At the same time, the black nylon fabric upholstery provides you with comfort during long sittings. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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The Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair is a lightweight foldable wheelchair in a decent price range.

Moreover, this wheelchair is fitted with padded nylon seats that provide you long-lasting comfort. These nylon seats are easy to clean. Just make sure that you don’t use abrasive cleaners to degrade the covers.

The chair comes with detachable armrests, padded calf rests, and swing-away footrests.

Additionally, it is fitted with durable tires with a push lock, a locking system for added safety. The handrims are comfortable and allow easy and convenient movements.

Furthermore, the sleek blue-powdered durable steel frame that is rust-free, resists chipping and cracking, and provides the wheelchair a long life and can carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

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The Karman Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is one of the most lightweight wheelchairs available on the market today.

It has an ergonomic design that fits the user’s needs and is also easy to use for caretakers.

Moreover, it has a patented S-shaped design for the seats that relieve your spine and hip. It prevents sores along with the risk of pressure ulcers and scoliosis.

Not only that, but it comes with foldable and padded backrests along with removable footrests to allow easy storage and transport.

It is also fitted with 20-inch rear wheels and companion brakes that allow the caretakers to slow down the wheelchair on steep slopes or tight spaces without bending.

Lastly, the body of this extremely lightweight wheelchair is made from aircraft-grade T6 aluminum, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all the parts in case you need a replacement.

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If you’re looking for a lightweight transport chair that can handle the weight, the Medline Transport Adult Folding Wheelchair is a good option to consider.

Moreover, this transport chair comes with a powder-coated aluminum frame that adds to the chair’s structure, sturdiness, and stability.

Not only that, but it also has a folding back that makes it compact, convenient to transport and store.

Additionally, the chair has permanent padded armrests, a padded back made from nylon, and a safety seatbelt. Combining all of that, the chair still only weighs around 23.5 pounds, making it truly lightweight.

Furthermore, this transport chair comes with loop-style manual hand brakes at the back to lock the rear wheels. The wheels themselves are 12-inch in diameter and can ride smoothly on bumpy roads.

In addition to that, the chair has big grippy handles so that caretakers can push the chair and control it without too much energy.

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The Karman 24 pounds LT-980 wheelchair is lightweight, weighing only 19 pounds, making it easy to travel.

Moreover, the chair has foldable seats that make it fit anywhere without much hassle. This chair is made from aircraft-grade T6 aluminum, which gives it a weight carrying capacity of 250 pounds.

Additionally, it is fitted with removable footrests with heel loops for extra comfort. Aside from that, the wheelchair comes with padded seats along with a foldable backrest.

  The chair has a manual lever-controlled handbrake on the left side for safety.

The chair features 22-inch rear wheels and padded hand rims, which allows you to explore the outdoors with smooth ride quality, durability, and reliability.

All these features are encapsulated in an ergonomic design the purpose of which is to allow you to sit comfortably on the chair for long hours without any back pain.

What we like!



The Medline Lightweight and User-Friendly is a good and affordable wheelchair with great features.

It comes with flip-back arm rests. These desk arms rests are padded for comfort, along with swing-back footrests with padded calf support for the legs.

Additionally, it has an adjustable height option for the nylon backrest and the seats to avoid shoulder pain for taller users. It can also carry a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds.

Not only that, but it has rubber wheels that have flat-free tires along with padded handrims for maneuverability. The footrests can control the movement of the chair, which makes it even more convenient to use.

Lastly, all these features come at a reasonable price while the chair itself is quite durable and will last a long time.


The Karman Ultra lightweight wheelchair is one of the best wheelchairs that you can get your hands on today. It weighs just under 20 pounds, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is loaded with good features.

Not only that, but the wheelchair also supports a sturdy structure.

For caretakers, the easiest wheelchairs to push are the transport chairs. They are specifically designed for easy transport and, therefore, don’t contain many features. This makes them easier to control and maneuver.

Not only that, but the lack of features on the transport wheelchair keeps the weight of the chair low.

By the looks of it, all of the wheelchairs might seem alike. But each wheelchair comes with a set of features that are good for some but troublesome for others.

So before purchasing a wheelchair, make sure to check its specifications, whether it is meant for manual operation or needs a caretaker to operate.

Wheelchair Buying Guide

Features to consider when buying a wheelchair

  • A good quality wheelchair must have a sturdy structure that doesn’t require frequent repairs.
  • There should be a locking mechanism for the wheels. Otherwise, it can be extremely difficult to get in or off.
  • Depending on your needs, the wheelchair should have a backrest, footrest, calf straps, and arm rest, and they should match the height requirements of the wheelchair user
  •  The back seat should come with a height adjustment. Otherwise, you could harm your spine.
  • Brakes are also important, especially if you plan to use your chair outside.
  • Price ranges are another factor. Not all wheelchairs that are priced high are good. The key is to look for a chair with the minimum features you need and a good build.

Getting Wheelchairs through Medicare

Part B of Medicare insurance covers manual wheelchairs for those patients with limited mobility and considers them durable medical equipment (DME).

For that, the doctor needs to issue a written order stating the reason their patient needs a wheelchair, and you will have to follow certain guidelines to be eligible:

  • You have a condition(s), or injury that significantly affects your mobility
  • You can not perform common activities in your home such as bathing, dressing, or using the bathroom even when you use a cane, walker, or crutch.
  • You can easily operate a wheelchair and can get on or off of it without any help. Or you have a helper present at all times to assist you.
  • You live in a place where a wheelchair can be used easily.
  • You’ll have to pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount after paying for Part B for the year.

Types of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs can be of many types. The difference is that the manual wheelchairs are controlled by handrims and sports wheelchairs that have automatic movements. So it depends on your preferences.

Aside from the basic ones, there are also designated wheelchairs made for basketball and tennis players faster and maneuverability.


Generally, automatic wheelchairs are much easier to control and handle by individuals as they have automatic steering. They can also move faster and are more comfortable with less difficulty in operating it. Additionally, they do not require any assembly and can be used right out of the gate.

Moreover, these are constructed in a way that they can fit under the table, in doorways, and in any sitting space in your house and can navigate long distances

However, these power wheelchairs are usually heavier, can not be folded (can’t be transported easily), and the repairs cost a lot. Not to mention. These require a battery that might take a long time to charge and can also require constant maintenance.

These are specifically designed for wheelchair users, especially seniors who can not move at all and need a wheelchair 24/7.


On the other hand, if you only require a wheelchair for walking assistance, then a manual wheelchair is a way to go as it is made to increase mobility, comfort, and support. They do require upper-body strength to function and the frames are made of lightweight metals.

Manual wheelchairs are difficult to maneuver, but they are easy to transport, can fold, are more lightweight, and most importantly, do not need repairs for any electrical component because they do not have one.

Sports Wheelchairs

As most sports require specialized gear, wheelchair sports like basketball, archery, racing, tennis, and rugby also require specific wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are not for everyone and have a variety of features

These come in a wide range of models for beginners or professional players, depending on their ability and requirements. Wheelchairs for sports do not resemble common wheelchairs, and these offer different choices, depending on the design, color, and size requirements for each sport and team unit.

Additionally, they are designed for making sharp turns and tilting while gaining high speeds. That’s why these are made with special wheels and have lightweight, rigid structures. Most of the time, these are non-folding and are made from composite materials. Not only that, but their prices vary depending on their functionality.


We hope that our selection of the best wheelchairs proved to be helpful in finding one for yourself or your loved one that meets your needs and budget.